Garage Door Conversions Replace Two Garage Doors With One

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Everyone loves a two car garage. Even better is a two car garage with one larger door that makes parking today’s larger cars easier. Not to mention the improved security of your home by reducing the number of access points from two to one. If you’re considering garage door conversions, call Independent Overhead Doors.

Convert Two Garage Bays Into One

Independent Overhead Doors can help you improve the appearance and functionality of your home with garage door conversions replacing two small garage doors with one larger garage door.

Garage Doors From Independent Overhead Doors

Makes Room For Bigger, Wider Vehicles

It may seem like both the single garage door and the double garage door have the same functionality. In reality, that’s not really the case. When given a choice, most people agree that one larger door is not only more convenient but also much more practical. A single larger garage door better accommodates today’s wider cars and SUV’s. IOD can expertly convert your two-bay garage into a single bay including any needed header work.

Garage door conversions that combine two single garage doors to one double garage door one is a complicated process that should be handled by a professional garage door company like Independent Overhead Doors. The process requires good planning and extra caution. IOD has completed many garage door conversions and has the skill and expertise to get the job done quickly and safely.

If your smaller single garage doors are damaged or too small to fit newer wider vehicles, you might consider their conversion to one double door. While each garage door project is unique, we follow some basic procedures.

Step 1: We Inspect the stability of the garage. This means we check for any needed header and support work. Independent Overhead Doors will never compromise the safety or structural integrity of your garage. We ensure we can move forward with the project and that we have the needed materials on hand. The project is done quickly and efficiently.

Step 2: Replace or repair the header of the garage. A pillar separates side by side single garage doors. We remove this pillar so the double door will fit. We make sure we reinforce the structure to support it after removing the pillar.

Step 3: Remove the existing single garage doors. We safely relieve the tension on any springs so that we can remove the doors and hardware. Torsion springs are under tremendous pressure. Only professionals should adjust them.

Step 4: Remove the center post and complete supporting header work. This is the horizontal support which will run across the top of the garage door. This is one of the most critical components during garage door conversions since it provides the support needed for the roof or brickwork.

Step 5: Install the new larger garage door. It’s very important that we use the correct spring for the new garage door selected. Double garage doors are much heavier than single ones. You will most likely need a torsion spring and thus 12” header clearance. Also, openers for double garage doors need to have sufficient horsepower to operate the heavier door safely.

“Doug with Independent Overhead Doors was great to work with. He offered competitive pricing as well as extra work and care in repairing our garage door. He is reliable and actually showed up early for the job. Their work was quick and efficient. We appreciate the work and will recommend the company to everyone we know.”

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“Doug rescued me from my car being trapped inside my garage from a broken spring. He was prompt in responding and quick to do the job. His prices have been very fair for both this job and some repairs done a few years ago. I keep his number in my phone and pass it along to my friends who want a reliable, fair company for garage door repairs and installation!!”

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“We have used Independent Garage Door around 3 – 4 times since we moved into our house 18 years ago. Each time we have called, they have been able to get to us within a day to make the repairs. They are friendly, knowledgeable, and professional. We highly recommend them to anyone looking for garage door service.”

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