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Whether you need to add overhead doors or just repair your commercial doors, Independent Overhead Doors of Arlington can help. Properly maintained and full functioning overhead doors and essential for many businesses. They are your first barrier for building security and may also affect the thermal efficiency of your entire building. Let IOD be your complete source for overhead door sales and service.

Great Same-Day Commercial Overhead Door Service

In business, time is money. Independent Overhead Doors understands that you can’t let poorly functioning overhead doors hinder your business. That’s why we make service calls a priority.

Commercial Overhead Doors Sales And Service

Great commercial overhead doors service starts when you call us. Our first goal is to be helpful immediately. One of our overhead garage door experts will speak with you when you call and will offer assistance. If we can help you by phone, we will. If not, we will immediately dispatch someone to your location for same day service. Whenever the issue is less urgent, we can also schedule a service time that is best for your business. Independent Overhead Doors will always do what it takes to earn your trust. We will work to deliver the professional results your business deserves.

An Overhead Door Repair Specialist

Independent Overhead Doors makes hundreds of overhead door repairs each year. If you have noticed that it is difficult for the overhead door at your business to open or close correctly, it’s time to call IOD. In addition to the annoyance of an overhead door that isn’t operating well, it can also leave your property more vulnerable to break-ins. All too frequently you hear about businesses that suffered property loss because someone gained access through a faulty or insecure commercial overhead door. IOD will quickly come to your property when you call us and inspect the door. We will find what caused the problem and give you solutions to correct it.

Because Independent Overhead Doors has years of experience and extensive industry knowledge, we can repair virtually all overhead door issues like broken springs, damaged tracks and more. IOD only use high-quality parts and professional tools to make sure any repairs are done correctly the first time. So, whenever there is a problem with your door, you can feel secure calling Independent Overhead Doors.

Superior Overhead Door Repair Service

Common Overhead Door Repairs

There are hundreds of parts on your overhead door. All it takes is for one of them to break or malfunction to prevent your door from operating. Listed below are some of the more common repair & replacement calls we receive.

Overhead Door Torsion Spring Repair

Commercial overhead doors near arlington texas

Commercial Overhead Door Roller Repair

Commercial overhead doors near arlington texas

Commercial Overhead Doors Cable Repair

Commercial overhead doors near arlington texas

Overhead Door Track Repair

Commercial overhead doors near arlington texas

Commercial Overhead Doors Hinge Repair

Commercial overhead doors repaired in arlington texas

Overhead Door Weatherstrip Repair

Commercial overhead doors repaired in arlington texas

Commercial Overhead Doors Section Repair

Commercial overhead doors repaired in arlington texas

Overhead Door Alignment

Commercial overhead doors repaired in arlington texas

Commercial Overhead Doors Opener Repair

Commercial overhead doors repaired in arlington texas

Overhead Door
Tune Up

Commercial overhead doors repaired in arlington texas

Torsion Spring Repair

The torsion springs are the round springs located above the overhead door. They are what actually lift the weight of the door. Besides seeing a broken spring, you may have torsion spring issues if your overhead door stops when it is going up. The average overhead door weighs between 150 to 250 pounds & up. Without a working torsion spring, the door opener cannot lift the door. Attempting to use an overhead door opener to raise a door with a broken spring can cause numerous parts on the opener to break.

If you have a failed torsion spring, you should not attempt to open it. Doing so can be extremely dangerous. Trying to replace the springs yourself can be equally hazardous. Replacing a torsion spring requires an excellent working knowledge of which spring to use as a replacement. The correct springs are determined based on the weight of the door. With dozens of potential replacement springs, Independent Overhead Doors can quickly and accurately install the one that is correct for your door. Like any mechanical device, torsion springs will eventually fail or reach the end of their useful life. When they do, call Independent Overhead Doors for a prompt, dependable repair.


Overhead Door Rollers

The overhead door rollers are fastened along the side panels of your overhead door and run in the vertical and horizontal overhead door tracks. Depending on your door, they could be nylon or metal. If you’ve noticed the door being noisier when opening and closing, it could be due to your rollers. When replacement is needed, Independent Overhead Doors can replace your damaged rollers with a premium grade replacement roller that will give you many years of life. Call IOD today and let us reduce the noise from your overhead door and new overhead door rollers.

Overhead Door Cables

Although they are simple, there are a few different things can go wrong with overhead door cables. Occasionally they can become wound incorrectly around the drum so that the door becomes jammed. This may also cause the door to droop to one side. Cables can also become completely unwound from the drum. Once disconnected, a technician can reconnect them for you. Sometimes the overhead door pulleys can become worn and sieze. When this happens, the cable won’t slip through as smoothly, and you’ll again notice that your door becomes stuck or cocked to one side. Replace the pulleys if that happens.

Overhead door cables will break on occasion. Often times this is simply due to age. In some environments, rust can cause a cable to break. Rust can corrode the cable, and unless you address it early, the rust can eat through the cable. Age may also cause an overhead door cable to fray. No matter the cause, a broken wire is a big problem and warrants a call to Independent Overhead Doors for a safe, secure fix for this problem.

Bent or Damaged Overhead Door Tracks

Damaged or bent overhead door tracks are a common repair problem. If tracks get bent or misaligned, it can cause undue strain on other parts of the overhead door assembly. Repair this as soon as possible. Doing so avoids additional damage to the door assembly.

Independent Overhead Doors is your local overhead door track expert. We have the skills and equipment to repair your door quickly and accurately. Over the years, we have worked on all major door brands including Clopay, Raynor, Genie, Dalton, Overhead Door, and Liftmaster. You can count on our commitment to replace needed overhead door tracks at a fair price. We offer fast service and free estimates. When you need us, call the professionals at Independent Overhead Doors.

Broken or Damaged Overhead Door Hinges

Although small in size, hinges are very important for the proper operation of your overhead door. When broken, just opening your door will be difficult and can cause other, more costly, damage to your system. If you see signs of loose or damaged hinges, call Independent Overhead Doors and have us correct the problem.

These door hinges are under a lot of operational stress each time the door is opened or closed. They sometimes come under tremendous strain should someone accidentally hit the overhead door with a dolly or forklift. Independent Overhead Doors can replace any needed hinges with heavy duty steel hinges that will give you many years of life. Call us today.

Overhead Door Weather Strips

All warehouses and commercial buildings hold things of value. You can help keep those contents safe from the elements by having Independent Overhead Doors install the correct overhead door weather stripping and overhead door seals for your door. Our vast experience and industry knowledge lets us keep your contents safe, dry and secure. IOD can quickly install new weather stripping that works 24 hours a day, seven days a week to keep unwanted dirt, leaves, and water from getting into your warehouse.

Overhead Door Sections

Due to damage or accident, you may be able to replace just one section rather than the entire door. Frequently, though, there is more than a panel that has sustained damage. The issue with replacing just one section is that the door parts are designed and measured for that specific door. Let us at Independent Overhead Doors find the correct replacement panel for your overhead door system. We will ensure that your new panel looks good from the outside and that your overhead door maintains its overall integrity.

If the panel got damaged in some way, it could’ve damaged other parts to which that panel is connected. Some of these essential parts may include the struts on the door and the overhead door track. If these parts sustained damage in any way, you would compromise the functionality of your door.

Overhead Door Alignment

Affecting more than just appearance, a properly aligned overhead door is essential for the daily operation and functioning of your door system. A poorly aligned overhead door places stress on the rollers. This stress causes the tracks to bend or break. A misaligned overhead door can even burn out the motor in the door opener. One of the primary causes of a misaligned door that we see every day are defective door spring(s). Often a spring has broken or simply needs to be adjusted. Call Independent Overhead Doors when you notice a misalignment because continued use of a poorly aligned overhead door can lead to even more damage and other costly repairs in the future. The skilled technicians at IOD can quickly diagnose and correct any alignment issues with your overhead door. Call us today for same day service.

Overhead Door Opener

We regularly handle calls about overhead door openers that have failed. If your door opener isn’t working correctly, call Independent Overhead Doors for a thorough inspection. Our technicians will quickly diagnose and resolve the issue. There are many possible causes for overhead door problems, but our rigorous inspection process will isolate the problem.

Once the inspection is complete, your IOD technician will discuss all your available options and provide honest opinions with accurate cost estimates to help you determine the best solution for your business. We can repair most overhead door systems. After your overhead door opener repair or installation, keep it in top operating condition with regular yearly maintenance to avoid costly future issues.

Overhead Door Tune-Up

As with many other parts of your business, your overhead door system requires a little care and maintenance. Some tasks, like oiling the springs, or inspecting some of the other moving parts, can be completed by most warehouse staff. Other tasks, including the service or repair of springs, requires a trained professional. One of the best ways for Fort Worth area businesses to ensure that their door system is in good working condition is to have Independent Overhead Doors provide an annual overhead door tune-Up. Our skilled technicians will check your system from springs to hinges and everything in between, making sure that nothing is on the verge of breaking.

In the long run, overhead door tune-ups will save you time and money. We address any potential issues before they break, and preventive maintenance conducted to ensure your overhead door system doesn’t let you down. IOD takes pride in our fair pricing and excellent customer satisfaction. Call us today and keep your overhead door operating safely and smoothly for your family.

“Doug with Indepedent Overhead Doors was great to work with. He offered competitive pricing as well as extra work and care in repairing our garage door. He is reliable and actually showed up early for the job. Their work was quick and efficient. We appreciate the work and will recommend the company to everyone we know.”

L Davis

“Doug rescued me from my car being trapped inside my garage from a broken spring. He was prompt in responding and quick to do the job. His prices have been very fair for both this job and some repairs done a few years ago. I keep his number in my phone and pass it along to my friends who want a reliable, fair company for garage door repairs and installation!!”

J. B
Customer Lobby

“We have used Independent Garage Door around 3 – 4 times since we moved into our house 18 years ago. Each time we have called, they have been able to get to us within a day to make the repairs. They are friendly, knowledgeable, and professional. We highly recommend them to anyone looking for garage door service.”

Angie’s List

What Our Customers Think About Us

Independent Overhead Doors is proud of the reputation we have built over the past 14 years. We work hard every day to exceed our customers expectations.

Garage Door Repair Frequently Asked Questions

If you have a question or concern that is not listed here, feel free to contact us directly.

What Is Your Service Area?

Our crews provide service to all of Tarrant County and parts of Dallas, Ellis and Johnson counties.

Can You Give Me An Estimate By Phone?

Yes. When you call, we will ask you a few questions and then give you an estimate based on the issues you explain to us.

Can You Repair My Overhead Door Opener?

Probably we can. IOD routinely works on many models of commercial overhead door opener systems. We will ask what model you currently have when you call and be able to give you an answer.

Do You Have Same Day Service?

Yes. We know you can’t pre-plan for an overhead door to fail. IOD will always try to provide service the same day your unit breaks. When you call, we will confirm a time range.

Are You Insured?

Yes. As a professional overhead door company, we are fully insured.